Boolean Algebra Expansion Problem

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Hello all,

I'm a freshman electrical engineer in a digital logic class (I'll be here a lot this semester!) and I'm stuck on a homework problem involving Boolean equations.

The question asks me to prove this equation using algebraic manipulation:

WY + W'YZ' + WXZ + W'XY' = WY + W'XZ' + X'YZ' XY'Z

I figured it out using expansion but is there any way of approaching problems like this (where identities aren't immediately obvious) from a purely algebraic standpoint? Or is expansion into minterms the simplest way?



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Not really, there isn't. Only experience or ingenuity. It's gonna be hard for you at the beginning while they ask you to prove those identities using only Boolean manipulation.

After a few courses the truth table and the Karnaugh map will become legitimate tools and your life will become easier.