Boolean algebra and NAND gate

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I am a software engineering student taking a digital logic class, and i am trying to multiply this binary number. I am not sure what a carry in is and a Carry out. the teachers slides are horrible. It appears he used a truth table to do this but its confusing.
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 + Y1Y0
I think thats how its set up! Now, for the multiplication part. Oh, i think the carry in and carry out is for adding?
If so, dont worry about the carry in and carry out part ok?
but i think i still need to use the multiplication answer for the table?

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       1  carry in?  like if we are adding? Now, that i think about it there is no carry in with multiplication!
   X 1101
 101011001  thats what i ended up with. Probably, not right!
I think my truth table should look something like this: keep in mind this is not set up to my answer above

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     + Y1Y0

       X0   Y0   Carry     Z0
       0     0     0          0
       1     0     0          1
       0     1     0          1
       1     1     1          0

  X1    Y1     Carryin               Carryout    Z1 
  0      0           0                    0             0
  1      0           0                    0             1
  0      1           0                    0             1
  1      1           0                    1             0
  0      0           1                    0             1
  1      0           1                    1             0
I get confused on the x1 and y1 part It would be easier if i can see it in action and labeled what the "carry in" is and "carry out" is while its being multiplied OR adding?.

would the "carry in" be the result of 1+1 and the "carry out" be the result of the next carry result?
I think after we get the truth table done with the carry in and carry out we are to use boolean algebra like:

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  Z1 = X1• Y1' • Carryin' + X1' • Y1• Carryin' + X1' • Y1' • Carryin + X1• Y1• Carryin 
Carryout = X1• Y1• Carryin' + X1 • Y1' • Carryin + X1' • Y1• Carryin + X1 • Y1• Carryin
Z2 = Carryout
We are to "work out the equations for the AND, OR and NOT functions using only the NAND operator." not sure how to do this!


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First things first! You must learn how to add binary numbers correctly. In this example we will learn how to add two 4-bit numbers.

The carry-in refers to a possible 1 that comes from a previous addition and must be taken into account for the current addition. Carry out refers to a possible carry that will be produced from our addition, if the result is larger than 4 bits (it can be at most 5 bits). It is a product of the current addition, not an operand

Suppose we want to add the numbers 1101 (12) and 1000 (8) and we have a carry in from a previous addition:

\( \begin{array}{ccccc} B4 & B3 & B2 & B1 & B0 \\
\ &\ &\ &\ &1\\
\ &1&1&0&1\\

We make the additions of every column, starting from the right. In the result, we write only the last bit of the minor sum.
I remind that 0+0=0, 0+1=1, 1+1=10 and 1+1+1=11.

That said B0=1+1+0=10. We write 0 on the result and keep 1 as a carry for the next step.

As the result is larger (5 bits) than the operands, we usually say that we have an overflow and say that B4=1 is the carry out, while the result is 0110.

As for mutliplication, it is done exactly as in the decimal system. Refer here: for more info.