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I'm trying to learn electronics by my self studing from books.

I found that all the books i own have the same faults,

from "Principles of electric circuits" by Floyd,

he explains you basic inductor characteristics and calculations but you dont know how to use it because he just makes a brief description of what that component can be used for,

from "Tab electronics guide to understanding electricity and electronics"

this guy explains you basic capacitor operation and calculations and he use some practical circuits how a capacitor can be used, but he includes in that circuits, transistors, diodes , etc, and those topics are beyond current topic, so you get lost because cant fully understand and apply the concepts,

i need a good book that explains you the components and you can make practical circuits with that component wihtout using more advanced ones, etc

any sugestion??

the book can be in english becasue i dont have problees reading english books
please excuse my poor english.


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The books that we use for the first year (2 semester) EE program at my school are: Introductory Circuit Analysis by Boylestad ISBN:0-13-097417-X and Introductory Electronic Devices and circuits by Paynter ISBN:00-13-061761-X. They come in hard cover and softcover (hardcover ISBNs listed). I personally find the books highly informative and they cover all and over the amount of material that I neeed to know to ace my classes.