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    Sep 23, 2011
    Im tarying to make a new project that can do these things.
    I just posted every thing so its easy to understand what I exactly want to do..
    And I need your help, how to start with what?
    And if any one can guide me through this, it would be GREAT.
    do not know if there any rules about posting sites inside the forum or....
    Boat rental project
    The company "Sømosen bådudlejning" wants to establish a more efficient administration
    of their boats. The plan is that each boat should have an RFID chip or card attached. A
    scanner on the pier identifies each boat that is coming or leaving. A computer calculates
    the price of the boat rental according to the duration of the trip and the type of boat, and
    bills the customer. The manager wants to be able to see on his mobile phone which boats
    are home and how long time each customer has been sailing. It should also be possible to
    print out a log showing the time and duration of all sailing trips for a certain time period.
    Technical details
    The RFID reader terminal should be built with an RFID card reader, a microcontroller
    board with an ATMega 32 microcontroller, and a Veroboard with LCD display, pushbuttons
    and possibly other components at your choice. The RFID reader terminal must have an
    interactive user interface. The terminal is connected to a server PC through a USB cable.
    The central administration interface is implemented in Java on the server PC in connection
    with an SQL database. A smartphone application based on Android is communicating with
    the server PC via Bluetooth.
    Project planning
    The project is made in groups of 2 - 4 students. The project work should include the
    following tasks:

    1. Design your boat rental system. You have to decide how the system should work,
    including the following questions, decisions and tasks:

    a. How to identify each customer, e.g. with an ID card or a PIN code.

    b. How to bill the customer.

    c. What information to store for each boat, each customer, and each trip.

    d. Whether this information is stored on the chip of the boat, on the customer's
    ID card, or in the database on the server.

    e. The structure of the database.

    f. What functionality is needed on the central administration interface?

    g. What functionality is needed on the smartphone?

    h. What information needs to be transmitted from the RFID reader to the
    database, and how (communication protocol).

    i. What information needs to be transmitted from the database to the
    smartphone, and how (communication protocol).

    j. What information to show on the display at the RFID reader terminal.

    k. How many pushbuttons or keys you need at the RFID reader terminal.

    l. What the RFID reader terminal should do if the connection to the database is

    m. What the system should do if a boat does not return on time.

    n. A test feature that shows the contents of the card on the LCD display.

    2. Make a drawing and/or description of your system and make a requirements
    specification. The requirements specification must be approved by your

    3. Make a risk analysis, i.e. a list of things that could possibly go wrong in your project.
    Make a project plan or time schedule based on your risk analysis so that the worst
    risks are eliminated first. In other words, make the most important things work first,
    and do the features that are just "nice to have" later. Make regular group meetings
    where you decide who is responsible for each task (action item list).

    4. Build everything.

    5. Test everything.

    6. Write a report that documents all of the above points.

    Thanks to all of you
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    For section 1, what is your understanding of requirements a - n? We won't do the project for you, but will help with specific questions. We can't tell your level of experience, but you must be able to do at least some of the assignment.

    Section 2 is worth attempting, as the drawing and description is a good way to see if you have a realistic idea.
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    Sep 23, 2011
    Oki, I will write as soon I have a problem.
    Im trying to do my best, and no I do not need you to do my whole project for me...​
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    Oct 1, 2011
    You should start by looking through the requirements, making the diagrams and Use case model. By doing this, you will have enough understanding how you will continue. And of course, you should also start designing your RFID reader.
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    Sep 23, 2011

    yeah... and my RFID reader is ready :)
    the big problem is the coding, Im not really good in programming. And I have to make some java and C
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    Oct 1, 2011
    Yeah, then won't be easy. What about your groupmate? You stated it's a group project,isn't it?
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    Can you keep your text justified to left?

    Centered text as you use it, is bad for reading.
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    Sep 23, 2011

    We are only two, and we do not really have time to read much, because we have another project and more excercises...
    Thats why Im asking for help.

    And now we came to the user interface and the keypad, so we need to connect the keypad to the microcontroller and the dispay we have made. And then make an interface to the user which can show up the menu like find-available-boat or delete user and so on.. with some actions.