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It's for the times when you get bitter and want to compare yourself to other sites.

Oh, and for when you want to sell your site and need a value and a justification for it.


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That's the first website with any metrics on forums. How does one measure the success or failure of a forum? How does one measure the value, for resale?

There have been discussions when someone "claims" a forum is the best ... and they can't back it up with any facts. There are opinions galore out there, facts are sparse.


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The internet is a marketeers dream, with all the tracking and customized advertising delivered to the individual.

The claim of being the best definitely depends on the metric used. Alexa's ranking..
I doubt google will relinquish the number 1 spot.
Worth of the web.... someone's idea about the worth of a website.

Growth could be any metric from visitor count to member retention.

The want to has to be there for someone to continue an association with a website.