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Hi Everyone..!!!:)

I started my career as a Board/hardware design engineer. It is 2.5years now in this field.I want to know how is the scope for career growth in this field.Are there any certifications in this field which will help in career...

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You call "Board/hardware design engineer" a field. This is not really true. It's a job title which you can find in many fields.

Fields could be: automotive, aerospace/avionics, ultra-low power, RF, Biomedical, etc.

All these fields will use board/hardware design engineers. And the engineers doing this job in these fields will do (almost) the same job.

What you need to find out is which of these fields you are working in. Then find out about special requirements/certifications in that field. For example, I am currently working in an automotive field. We are having to deal with safety critical design according to ISO61508. So for me, getting training in that is good.

Eventually, your career path will be one of two ways: either you become a super specialist in what you're doing and always stay an engineer playing with toys, or you become an engineering manager and become somewhat less involved in everyday engineering design and rather supervise other people doing that work and negotiate specifications with your managers, customers and suppliers.


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Consumer electronics is a safe market. People always want new televisions, new mobile phones, new gadgets. There would always be job opportunities.

I don't have any experience of this field, but I would think that it may hold some disadvantages: Since it may well be a really big employer (compared to more specialist fields), it may be more difficult to make a name for yourself and climb the ladder - in either the super specialist or the manager role.

Also, since consumer electronics are sold on a very tight margin, I would think that the average salaries would be slightly lower in this field compared to the likes of avionics or biomedical.

But, as I said above, people will always want the new version gadget which means there must always be someone developing these new gadgets.


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Go to the U.S.Dept. of Labor ,they list all jobs and salaries.
They get this from payroll information that is reported. Like
air craft controler about $ 50.00 per average.Medical
nursing is one of the top demands.Going to homes as
a nurse is a good deal,you get mileage,plus no one
looking over your shoulder and tips,maybe.