Bluetooth range doubt

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I'm new to Bluetooth technology, I wonder what's the best (or correct) way to find the range of a Bluetooth module when, for instance, we have a laptop and cellphone.

Let's say I'm holding my cellphone and I want to know how far I can walk away from the laptop without losing the connection between the two devices, do I just walk away from the laptop until I don't see any data or is there an accurate and mathematical method to find that out? I'm totally new to this, please don't laugh at my question, thanks a lot for clarifying this.


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If you had an accurate way to measure transmitter output and receiver sensitivity, you could make a reasonable calculation with the inverse square law. However, the time honored method of experimenting with a short walk is likely more relevant, if not strongly recommended.


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Bluetooth technical standards may specify a limit defined by a data throughput requirement or a maximum error rate limit. Why not look up the standards and see?