Bluetooth Modules?

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    Oct 25, 2010
    Hi all,

    I've asked the question before but I think that thread is now out of date!

    Has anyone got experience using bluetooth modems/modules? I've used the ones you can get off ebay for about £5 and they work really well (called Linvor), I've a dream I might one day put something into small scale production, are there any legislation problems using bluetooth or is it a case of if it works its fine?

    RS now have panasonic modules for around £8, they are surface mount and nice and small. The ebay ones pair up easy and just have TX and RX for a pics UART to use. Has anyone used any panasonic modules and are they as simple to use? Its very easy to get lost in the data sheets for these things.

    I want to send serial data to and from a mobile phone, I've done this with the ebay bluetooth but a surface mount module would be much neater!

    What I'm really asking is what do I need to look for in the specifications? Class 1 or 2 ? etc.

    Any reccomendations would be gratefully recived!

    Cheers Geoff