Bluetooth Module Power

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An example power consumption of a standard cheap BT module is
RX Supply Current - 30mA
TX Supply Current - 40mA
Sleep Current - 1mA

Based on this if the module is seeking to pair (not yet connected as phone not in range) is it considered to be in "sleep" mode and only using 1mA or because its sending out a pairing request its classified as TX?

Trying to clarify at what stage of the process uses what amount of power.


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Yes I have, but it doesnt really differientiate between if "trying to pair" is classified as sleep mode or TX mode and thats a big different in power usage over a 24 hour period.



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In this PDF there is something about the sleepmodes:
Bluetooth RF Measurement Fundamentals

In the glossary these are stated:

Power saving mode Three power
saving modes exist: sniff mode, hold
mode, and park mode. Each of these
modes puts the slave unit in varying
states of sleep. No data is transferred
to or from a slave unit while it is in a
power saving mode.

Slave units All devices in a piconet
that are not the master. Slave units
may be in active mode, in which they
are actively communicating with the
master, or they may be in an inactive
sleep mode.
From wich I conclude that when a slave is not actively busy with a master is going to sleep mode.