bluetooth kit relay????

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im wanting to make a relay or circuit that will be able to change the input to my car speakers from the head unit to a bluetooth kit and then back again.

the reason i thought a relay might work is that the bluetooth kit has a cable coming from it that mutes the stereo which i was hoping would activate the relay.

it would need to switch the speaker input connections intotal 8 cables (2xL+2xR from headunit) + (2xL+2xR from the bluetooth kit)
to 4 output cables that go to the speakers.

this is something totaly new to me so any advice anyone could give me would be great.



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What exactly this bluetooth kit does?

Do you want to switch the speakers between the car radio and the bluetooth kit output?


Do you want to connect the bluetooth kit on the input of the car radio but be able to switch on and off?

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i want to be able to switch the speaker between the output of the bluetooth kit and the output of the car stereo.

the bluetooth kit connects my phone and allows the reciving call to come out of the cars speakers in the door.

the bluetooth system is made to sit inline on the output from the car stereo. but i find that the blueetooth kit can not coupe with the high volume my car stereo puts out and causes the sound to distort.

thus why i want to have some sort of auto switch to change the input to the speakers.