Blown Resistor? Circuit Board Help

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Hi there, if any one could help me it would be great, One of my dj appliances has recently stopped working, there was a power surge and soon after the display unit of my pioneer cdj 800 stopped working, all other functions work normally but no lcd display. Ive checked the display on another unit and it works on there so am guessing something has blown on one of the mother boards, ive spotted some black on the board, I can also see some sticky looking substance on the board, hopefully its just a case of taking the component out and replacing it. Cutting to the chase in the top corner off this picture the component looks black is this my culprit or is this normal, thanks for the help, i just dont want to be ripped off and be told lies when i take it for repair.




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Try to find the schematic amd replace the part and also check L51 cause i think that is a fuse i think... Also look at the board , the first letter is most time tells you what it is ....


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Then a resistor burn. It is very often as collateral damage. And the error is more serious than a blown resistor. Looking at your picture I could not find any sign of burned components. But I may have missed it. A power surge may have damaged the power supply unit. So start looking at the fault in that area first


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Same as t06afre, I can't see what you want us to see.

Sometimes components fail on their own. In the case of a blown resistor that is usually not the case. Something else might have caused the resistor to blow.


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I think the OP is referring to the component in the upper left corner of the PCB near the designation "V+ 5P". I can't see it very well, but I think it is just a wire link. It does look damaged...maybe even burned in two. If so, then the cause is excessive current through the wire. I suppose it's possible that a power surge damaged only this wire, but probably there is more than that. It looks like Q54 under the wire link has been hot as well.

A better photo of that component would help, and a photo of the other side of the PCB under that component would be good.
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I see it's marked W as is a clearly pictured jumper W472 to the right.
Could just need to get cleaned up and re-soldered if it's V+5.