Blown Fuses

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hi All (first visit "newbie"),
My brother and I have a bet. He says the fuse nearest the wall outlet will always blow first in a multi-strand string of christmas tree lights each connected in "series?" with fused plugs all rated to blow at the same amperage connecting each strand to the next. I seem to recall an electronics lecture which dealt with the near instantaneous response of the circuit in general and a side topic on whether they were electrons in one direction or holes in the opposite, (and push in one end or pull at the other). I think it boils down to minor differences in rated versus actual current capacity of each fuse and that any can blow first regardless of proximity to the wall. Who wins the bet? :rolleyes:


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:D You see, electronics can be fun!! Firstly your Christmas lights seem more advanced than mine, I've never seen multiple lights in series we're Cheap in England, but anyhow. From a certain perspective your both right (sits comfortably on the fence :ph34r: ), in theory the fuse closest the supply should blow first, but only fractionally (we're talking millionths of a second), assuming that the fuses are identical in there current rating, closest the supply would generally imply closest the wall. However in practice this in never really the case and fuses can often blow at lower than their specified current rating. Also I wouldn't worry about electrons and holes unless your lights are the Blackpool illuminations!

So IMO I'd say you won the bet :)


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Let's see if I have this right. You have multiple strands of series lights. Say the second string develops an overload, the first string will see it's load PLUS the second string's overload. Discounting any flaws or differences in fuses the first string's fuse will go first. Sorry.... :(