BLDC Motor Control w/ ICs & MCUs

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    Jan 1, 2007
    I am currently in the design stage for my system so no code to present (sorry if I got your hopes up). TL:DR at the bottom...

    I am exploring different ways to control a sensorless BLDC motor ( DC motors/0206_B_DFF.pdf) . My original (and probably most feasible right now) is to control and run it directly of the MCU I am using (TI MSP430f2274). While working, someone in my research group put me on to this little IC ( This would make the MCU coding a lot simpler I would say!

    Now the problem...the motor I am using is 3-phase whereas this IC seems to support only 2-phase. My current idea with this approach was to have two of these IC chips, hold one line as imaginary, and then signal condition the remaining 3 lines to bring them to the correct phase. Issue here is that my entire system needs to remain small so an endless amount of additional ICs, processors, etc is not feasible.

    So my question; is this idea even plausible given my constraints, does there exist a chip that does the exact same thing but designed for 3-phase, or do I need to stick to the original script and not be lazy?

    TL:DR || Cheap IC that does seemingly everything I need for controlling this motor, except is for 2-phase and not 3. How to make this work.
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    Feb 28, 2011
    Sounds more like 3 phase AC induction motor. Check microchip site for application notes. There is one which describes several methods of 3 phase generation from one dsp chip using 3 PWM (part of the dsp). I think you might find everything you are looking for there.