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    Oct 20, 2010
    Hi all;

    I'm trying to build an efficient brushless dc card to replace the poor made one.


    Power : 1500 Watts
    340 Vdc GBU output and average current 5A.

    3 phases , 6 steps, and sensored.

    Base : MC33035 brushless dc motor controller from ON Semiconductors

    2° question:

    There i'd like to know how to connect an optocoupler to an N power MOSFET

    Fairchil components:

    FOD 3120 optocoupler
    FCP13N60N N Channel Power MOSFet 600 V 13 A

    See Fig 24 p 13 MC33035 datasheet

    Of course i want to replace MOC8204 and components .


    If you think , best components best suited for the job, no problem!!!

    A small schematic, you can add remarks on it.

    An other - and last - question, when in a datasheet, you read VIORM , it's for this opto , the maximum voltage between pin 8 Vcc and pin 5 Vce ?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Do you have a .png or .pdf image of the schematic?

    The optocoupler would be connected the same a transistor driving the MOSFET. Doing a forum search for optocoupler and MOSFET should yield several different options, mostly with lower voltages than you are working with, but the concept is similar.

    At the power levels you are dealing with, you may want to look into MOSFET driver circuits to ensure the switching is fast. Quite a few of these have the optocoupler as part of the driver circuit.
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