Blazing Diodes: from spinnaker's

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another burning diode video.


still lights at .8 volts.
varied the supply voltage from zero to 16 volts.
at 1 amp it glows pretty bright.
at 8 amps, well, see for yourself.
note the leads flash, first the anode on the left, then the cathode on the right.
probably the result of more package remaining on the cathode side.

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It would be cool to do it again, but use a fan to keep the smoke out of the lens as the diode's burning up.

Notice the tinned leads "flash" at about 0:30 - 0:31
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I suspect the weird glow was the camera picking up the IR as light. Still, neat effect.


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I worked for Philips when the LED was invented. (Their invention of the Compact Cassette was fun). In their demonstration I thought the LED's junction was red hot. It wasn't bright but it was warm.