blank vertical lines appearing across the display screen of my TI calculator

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For last some days I have been noticing that there are blank vertical lines appearing across the display screen of my TI calculator. The google search didn't help me much though other people seem to have the same issue. Sometimes, there are appearning four lines and sometimes as much as nine; some of them change their location on turning off and on the calculator. What do you I do? I don't think any local technician would be able to fix it. Please help me. Thanks.

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Try removing the battery for a minute or so and then reinstall.
Sometimes when a calculator acts weird, that will restore normal operation.


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If the lines missing are vertical then it is telling me the connection between the data bus and the display has problems, and the data for that position is not received for any scan from top to bottom. Most likely something has loosened inside to allow the contact between board and display to widen. Has it been dropped recently?

The so called 'zebra stripe' connector that goes between these types of displays and the circuit board is a real B*$#% to mess with. I've tried repairing them several times and can assure you it is not something easily done, even by people with experience. My best effort restored a portion of the missing display on one unit, and my other attempts left the display in worse shape than before it was opened. Getting a new connector is probably not worth the expense, unless this is a graphing calculator. If it is an expensive calculator then contact TI with this question and ask what they recommend.