BK Precision power cord

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I was recently given two old BK Precision function generators. I'd like to test them out but they did not come with power cords and I'm unfamiliar with the type of power connector they have. It's close in size to a modern IEC connector. Is anyone familiar with this type of connector? Does it have a name or is it specific to this old BK Precision stuff? Does anyone know where I might be able to get cords or at least compatible connectors to make cords for these?

Any help very much appreciated.



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I know what you mean. I picked up a BK 3010a for cheap too. Those power cables are pretty rare. I remember seeing a few on a site that also sold parts for Tektronix scopes, and they were way overpriced.

I ended up just soldering some wires to the metal leads and shrinkwrapping it a ton. Not the most elegant solution but it worked.


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These types of cords were common in the 60's and 70's, but they are getting hard to find unless you buy an older instrument. One option is to contact used electronic equipment vendors and see if they'll sell you one (don't be surprised if you get gouged).

Another option is to open up the case and see if you can exchange the old power socket for a modern IEC C14 type socket (these are available from electronics suppliers). If you're not familiar with doing such work, you could take it to an electronics repair facility and ask if they'd do it (don't be surprised if they charge you $50-$100).


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I have been using a supplier in Georgia (USA) named Test Parts who has a ton of old test equipment and suport parts like probes and connector cords. They have a regular site as well as an ebay presence. Might be worth looking at their site or shooting an email, they might have what you are looking for.