bk precision 3010 function generator low output volts?

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just got this function generator and dosn't seem to function.
It only puts out .5v at max on any setting. It should be 10v on dc output.

its one of those ebay deals seller said works perfect

I tested with fluke 25 multimeter and tek 475a for volts and function .
volt range id .01 to .5 v

any ideas for the low volts output?


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First: have you recapped the generator ) electrolytics get bad with age ad sitting a long time dormant will also age them significantly).
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Recapping the power caps? Im sure they need to be.

That would be one or two power caps probably.
there is no telling what else has drifted in value. I paid $80 for it and may just return the ebay item. If I had paid only $20 or so I would fix it. however, Its was described as fully functional working condition and that makes me want to return it even more!

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But they both only output .5vdc max

They manual says 10vdc on the TTL when used as a DC power supply.
All buttons out mode


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With the DC offset in the 12:00 position, the TTL out reads 2V dc and about 1.9 AC.
In the 600 ohm out, it reads about 9.7 VAC.

I can't find my manual, but those are the observed readings.


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i have the circuit diagram for this model BK precision 3010

if you email me on <SNIP> i can send it to you in pdf form
as it wont upload on this site.
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