BK MIKRO broken tool sensor

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Wandering through the local junk yard the other day I found a box full of junk (Big surprise, eh?). In it I found an anodized aluminum cylinder with a wand sticking out one end of it and a 6 pin connector on the other end. I had to have it so I invested 25 cents. Turns out it's a BK MIKRO TK5K.02 broken tool sensor. I thought it was a Jaguar brake light switch 'cause that's how they would do it.

Does anybody have info on how to test it or otherwise make it perform without buying its $540 controller?

I think it has a motor and an encoder in it. With the controller you can rotate the motor till the wand contacts the tool being monitored. If the wand travels farther than the encoder expected there might be a broken tool.


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<snip> I thought it was a Jaguar brake light switch 'cause that's how they would do it.<snip>
LOLOL!!!! Boy, ain't it the truth!

Now if you want to see just an incredible amount of aluminium, try fiddling around with a Roller or two - they are really something else. A friend of mine had this Silver Shadow that was leaking brake fluid under the center of the car. Thought it would just be a brake line somewhere. Well, the entire driveline was enclosed in an aluminium box, that had dozens upon dozens of fasteners to take out to remove the cover. Having worked on aircraft, this didn't bother me - but when I finally got the doggone cover off and saw what was inside, all I could do was laugh. The plumbing in there was ridiculous!

Here's a link to a simplified diagram of the system:

One of the distribution valves was leaking, but the way things were crammed in down there it was a beast to get to.

English cars are certainly fiddly bits.