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    Hey guys!

    Can anyone help me in my take home quiz especially in number 1? I really have no idea what to do.

    I tried to answer number 2 and these are the results that I've got kindly check if it is correct:
    a. DC left, AC right in my attachment - I don't know if that is correct.
    b. VB = 2.70V, VE = 2.63V, IE = 2.63mA, IC = 2.59mA, VC = 9.45V and VCE = 6.82V
    c. question? is Rin the same with re? if so re = 9.13ohms
    - in solving for voltage gain (Av) I used this formula ( -Rc||RL / re) since there is a load resistance included. Av = -271.90, Ai = 65.62.
    What is Rin(base)?, What and How to get Ap?

    d. I don't have an idea on this one.

    Thanks In Advance!
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    Sure we can help but this forum is listed with some Cheat Checker Lists.

    Homework help is okay but if the work is marked for credit then you will possibly get a zero.

    There is no substitute for being prepared before the test.
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    DC circuit looks good but in AC circuit you have a small error.
    You forget about Ce capacitor.

    Looks good but VB is not equal 2.7V

    Rin is nor equal to re.
    Rin = Vin / Iin
    The resistance looking from the input terminal into the amplifier.

    The resistance looking from the base into BJT
    Ap = Av * Ai