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    Feb 14, 2011
    please help in designing this bjt amplifier ...
    we are required that our input will be 50mVpeak and expected output to be 10Vpeak to peak..............the transistor that i will use is 2N2102 (i attach the specifications of the transistor) problem here is i don't know how to start ..i am actually planning to use Fixed bias circuit and common-emitter configuration.... How will i find the values that i will use for computation..... how will i find the q-point of the transistor in order to get the Vce(output) = 10Vp-p...please help...thank you in advance...
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    All you have is an input voltage and an output voltage. The voltage gain must be 10V/100mV= 100.
    You also must find out the input source resistance and the load resistance.

    Make the Q-point so that the collector voltage is about half the supply voltage.
    An emitter resistor is used for bias stability.