birth of electronics?

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    I am curious when electronics was first study as a science?

    I beleive electricity was first studied as a science subject or put under scientific study around 1700's onward.

    But I am curious to know how long after the study of electricity came out was the study of electronics?

    I am also curious about how electronic people built amplifiers without the invention of the transistor yet? I beleive the transistor was invented in the 1940's but before then what did they have?

    Assuming they did it with vaccum tubes where these things around when the first amplifier circuit was constructed or was their things before the vaccum tube came out.

    When was the vaccum tube invented?
    When was capacitors ,inductors, resistors invented ? (probably before ohm :) )

    Thanks for any replies
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    Yes, That was cool reading but when the first transistor was create.
    I think it was a point contact transistor.

    Their are point contact transistor , field effective , junction , vaccum tubes/valves. Is their any better then the other in quality or size ...etc?

    And is their any other classes of transistors I am missing in this list. To date 2009

    Is it that they are just making them smaller or are they still improving their quality like reaction time of base current opening the flow electrons to emitter/ collector...etc etc

    And going by moore's law will silicon/germinum integrated circuit not improve once we reach the smallest transistor size?

    I am wondering what material we would use's after we have reached the smallest transistor size to improve?

    Are their only seven semiconductors is silicon the best to use for integrated circuits?
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    The first general usage of the term "electronics" came about between 1905 and 1910, and referred to the study of electric currents without metallic conductors...which pretty much limited it to vacuum tubes.

    However, Hugo Gernsbach's magazine "Modern Electrics" covered many radio projects well after the term was coined, so it was still not universal.

    Eventually, it came to be more associated with active devices of any kind, as opposed to general A.C. electrical theory.

    Electrical Engineering (at least in the U.S.) is still considered a more fundamental discipline than electronics engineering. Though 99% of what I do is "electronics" I am still highly fond of the term electrical engineering.

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