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I would like to build a biofeedback monitor that would provide a variable frequency audible tone in response to changes in galvanic skin response. I am not seeking abolute readings, but rather relative readings. I see GSR monitors available for sale starting at about $100, but being the cheapskate I am, I am thinking about building one. Does anyone have experience and/or a schematic?



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Thanks. I have seen most everything Google turns up. I am hoping there is someone here who has actually built something that works.
I have build several medical grade skin conductance measurement systems. And the problem is that in order to this in a proper way you have to use proper techniques. Or else you will end up with an instrument in the league with the Scientology E-meter and also those 100$ instruments. They are just flim-flams and humbug. And you are correct. They do actually NOT work. May I ask why you gotten interested in this. And what you want to get out of it.


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You specified a working tested design. Such stipulations kinda limit the help available. People may know how to do something, but having never done it, decline to answer.

Think very low constant current source, with an voltmeter measuring the drop (a basic accurate ohm meter), followed by a VCO.