Binary Multiplication

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    May 19, 2008
    First post :) be gentle!

    Doing some revision for my Digital Electronics class which is based loosely around Floyd's Digital Fundamentals textbook. This is the question I need help with;

    a) Discuss the importance of the implementation of multiplications using digital circuitry in an application of of your choice. (5%)

    b) Show the simple process of long multiplication... (10%)

    c) Hence or otherwise, derive a circuit that will implement a 4 bit by 4 bit binary multiplications, making clear the components of your design. (45%)

    d) Design some additional circuitry that will work with the sign bits of the operands and allow the above 4 bit multiplier to be used as part of a 5 bit multiplier that operates on 5 bit, 2's complement numbers. (40%)

    Bold are the ones I need help with. :D I think part A will just be a couple of sentences.
    As for part D I just don't know where to go with my design from part C. Which looks exactly like this;