Binary LCM circuit

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    May 29, 2011
    Need help in below mentioned problem:

    Design a LCM machine which is a sequential circuit that compute the Least
    Common Multiple of two 4-bit unsigned numbers a and b, using the following algorithm:

    x, y, u, v := a, b, a, b
    x > y --> x; u := x - y, u + v
    y > x --> y; v := y - x, v + u
    output ((u + v)/2);
    The available basic elements include full adders, D flip-
    flops, and multiplexers, in
    addition to Boolean gates.
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    The Homework Help section asks that you post up the work you have done so far, so we can see it and find where you went wrong, or suggest better approaches. We will not do all your work for you.

    If you are in doubt about how to structure your post and what to include please read this thread:

    Thank you.