Binary decoder with output latches

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HI All,
I’m new to the forum, but not general electronics design.
I’m looking for a chip, similar to the ADG707 but only needs to be digital.
However the main difference is I’m looking for a chip that will latch the output line until set until into another state. So something like this

Set input high
Set binary address, say output 6
Enable chip
output 6 goes high
enable goes Low Output 6 is still high
set bin address to another , say O5
Output 5 is high
enable low. Output 5 and 6 high.
Set input low
Binary address 6
enable, out 6 goes low
enable off, output 5 is high, 6 is now low.

and so on. Any ideas ?


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I don't think there's a single chip that can do all that except a microprocessor. I can see that done with several TTL or CMOS chips.


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You should look into an addressable latch like the CD4099 or 74HC259.
They both work by decoding a 3-bit address to select one of 8 lines and with write enable/disable this bit is latched with value from the data input.