Bidirectional DC motor

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    i need your help to identify where the problem is. i am currently trying to drive a DC motor using 9V for two direction and i am using the full h-bridge. i connected it as shown in figure 6 (attached datasheet). when i set the forward direction by setting pin 10 to 5V and pin 12 to 0V the motor cont move. I am using the L298N. i have not put the protecting diodes as shown in the circuit.

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    You might want to get the data sheet for an L297. That is the IC that drives the L298.

    To learn why, read the material at this link -

    If that is a straight DC motor, ignore the stuff about a stepper. There are at least 4 inputs that have to be satisfied to make the 298 work.
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    Have you checked that all the other inputs to the driver are correctly connected and at the appropriate voltage levels? Particularly pins 11 & 15...?
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    The L298 will drop quite a bit of voltage across itself (~4v), even with a 1A load.
    If you are using a 9v supply, then almost half the power is getting dissipated in the L298.

    L298's need LARGE heat sinks. Otherwise they will burn up almost immediately.

    They also need a 5v supply for logic. If you tried using 9v for the logic supply, you have destroyed the IC.

    If you are trying to power it using a 9v "transistor" battery, you're wasting your time.