bidirectional dc dc converter

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  1. adamhill178

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    Apr 30, 2014
    Hi all ;
    I need ur help in this issue please ;
    I'm preparing a project of " design a current controller for bidirectional dc dc converter "
    this Bidirectional connected to super capacitor parallel with battery to give stabilization for the load what it could be ..
    My prof. told me to do a state space averaging , make all the equations to reach the transfer functions for this Bidirectional dc dc converter half bridge ...
    and after to design the current controller ??
    so please anyone has an idea about how I can solve the equations and reach the transfer functions ??
    I'm waiting ur help ??
    the photos below explain the basics of the project ..
  2. satish333

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    Jul 26, 2014
    Hello adamhill,

    I am doing simulation of bi directional dc dc converter using similar topology. And I also need to control using state space average model. I hope you found the solution to your question. Please Can you share with me the transfer function if you derived for the circuit topology? please send me to email id: <SNIP>
    thank you

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