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    Jul 29, 2010
    i made a power inverter for my bike so that i can listen to a radio setting in my basket if i want to. i have a generator that runs onn the back wheeel of my bike the wire is terminated in a quick conect i use thi to select between light or inverter. i made the inverter using a old transformer from a radio this steps 12Vac to 90-120 vac that conects to a socket i can plug a radio into. the transformer i used was ment to turn 120 v to 9-10 v ac but by reversing the windings it works the other way. the winding with more ohms will is made for the higher voltege.

    (e.g. a coil with 20 ohms and a coil with 100 ohms the 100 ohm is primary the 20 ohm is secondary when used as step down. but reverse the coils 20 ohm primary 100 ohm secondary will step up.)
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    Please read the rules of the Completed Projects forum.

    This project has sat in limbo basically because it didn't meet the above requirements. If you want to resubmit this entry please rework the entry to meet the requirements, then drop one of the moderators a PM pointing to it. If it is acceptable a moderator can move it back to the Completed Projects forum and clean up notices and suggestions (making them invisible).

    There is no substitute for plans, schematics, photos, and basic prints. This sounds like an interesting project, but there simply isn't enough information.