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<_< My television only gets local channels (obviously that means I don't have cable). My problem is that no matter how much I adjust the antenna the picture on some of the channels is always distorted (you know, all fuzzy and stuff; I guess noise is interfering with the signal). Is there a way that I can improve the antenna reception of signals; somehow better filter out the noise? :angry:


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You don't give us a lot to go on - like what kind of antenna you're using, or what frequency bands the noisy channels are on. You've got both weak signals and a low gain antenna. You may also have multi-path prblems, where the signal comes direct and also reflected (and so out of phase) off buildings.

At a guess, you're using the set's rabbit ears. And your fuzzy channels are either some distance away, or up in the UHF range. On possible cure is to go to an outdoor antenna. Radio Shack has reasonably priced periodic-log types that do well for VHF and UHF reception. Those electronic signal boosters just make the noise problem worse.