Best way to externally control my 24v-220v teleruptors and connect that with Home assistant

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I currently have my home lighting setup with wall switches that use a 24v signal to teleruptors controlling 220v lights (see link for picture of said teleruptors)
What I'd like to do is control these teleruptors from within the home assistant software ( and also read out their state.
What is the best (and price friendliest) way to go about this ?

end goal would be to be able to both still use the regular wall switches as well as controlling it through software.

Please note: I live in Belgium .. law and item availability wise..
link :
You need to get some form of feedback system from the switches to a micro controller.
Node MCU would work fine but limits the number of switches that can be used.
Are teleruptors some kind of a relays? if yes then it can be controlled with node MCU and you can read out the state, use regular switches as well as control the lights with software.


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I don't quite understand it, but here's a Dutch Wikipedia article run through Google translate describing teleruptors:


A teleruptor , impulse relay or remote switchis a remote-controlled bistable relay , in which one or more switching contacts change their position with each current pulse. This position is retained until a next pulse.

An impulse relay offers advantages over regular monostable relays in circuits in which the relay must remain in the same position for a longer period of time, and where the lowest possible current consumption is important. The increased contact pressure, which is independent of the excitation and therefore provides greater reliability, is another advantage. The independence of power outages can also be an advantage.

Operation Edit

A teleruptor works according to an electromagnetic principle. The mechanism is constructed in such a way that the switching contact, with each short current pulse, changes its position through the built-in coil. The relay maintains that position until the next pulse.Holding the anchor in one of the two positions can be controlled mechanically or permanently magnetic .
Node MCU can take 4 inputs (for the switches to work normally) and four outputs ( for a relay setup).So to work with 16 lights you need 4 Nodemcu s.
However, the Teleruptor relay changes its position for every signal pulse.
I have to work whether the MCU can give pulses for every signal input.
Also, I need to know whether the Teleruptor works for a continuous signal.