Best use: Differential probes or active?

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    Oct 20, 2010
    Hi all,

    I plan to check waveform outputs from FS50R12W2T4 - IGBT from Infinéon - and i have questions; i'd like to avoid burning my 4 channels new scope, and brushless too.....

    In short:

    - to give input to MC33035 Hall A B C , brushless motor will be driven by an auxiliary dc motor

    - inductive windings of real brushless replaced by pure resistors R1 R2 R3

    In fact, i bought differential probes, and passive probes too;

    differential probes: SI9002
    passive probes: HV150 I made a mistake in title

    i only want to know:

    - is it a good or bad idea for watching waveform outputs ?

    - how to connect probes tips : TP1 to ground?
    TP2 to ground?
    TP3 to ground?

    Thanks a lot.

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