Best Quality Stero Amplifier Chip

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Hello everybody,
What's the best stero amplifier chip?

I want to build an amplifier for my laptop. The loudness is not important, but the QUALITY of the output sound is very very important for me.

Which chip do you recommend ?

It's better if the chip can operate by a ±12V transformer power supply.

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"Best" is a very subjective term.

For a notebook, the speaker type and enclosure are much more important, especially for lower frequencies.

I've had good luck with the TDS7269 14W+14W Stereo Amplifier. There are newer designs out, including Class D outperform it in every specification, with virtually no heat generation.

Other members here have much more experience with audio than I, they could be of some help.

Essentially, in a notebook, anything over about 2W isn't going to be used except as dynamic headroom.