Best Math Reference for Elec Engineering?


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For Sale:
Pre Calculus - Larson ( if you never seen calc. before)
Calculus 8/9 e - Larson
Intro to differential equations -

For Free:
Google "Paul Dawkins notes"
His notes, follow the outline of the books i mentioned above.
Seriously. Took me from dev. math to enrolled in a Masters degree in EE


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As Bill said, the CRC books are somewhat of a standard -- but I've had a few fall apart with heavy use -- they only last about a decade or so. And after reading about how CRC Press treated Weisstein, I've decided I'm not buying any more CRC products.

Two other books peek out on my bookshelf that I'd recommend. One is Bartsch, "Handbook of Mathematical Formulas" (Academic Press). I got it for $14 in 1979 and it has paid for itself many times over.

The other is Gradshteyn and Ryzhik, "Table of Integrals, Series, and Products". Mine is the 4th edition, 1965.