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I'm looking for a reasonably priced bench power supply, preferably dual output 0-30v, 0-5amp, switching. Anyone have any recommendations? Or brands to stick with?


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I'm using a Rigol DP832 and have been really happy with it so far, though it's only 3A. It's got many features that I haven't used yet, but features I have found handy are over current and over voltage protection. For example, instead of just limiting current through a circuit, you can also set it to immediately turn the power off if the current requirement passes the value that you set. This can save you parts and time. Also having 3 channels is very handy for debugging boards that have multiple voltages. Basically the more channels the better, depending on your use case. It's not perfect, but for me it has been really nice.


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Wide range switching regulators, whether voltage range or current range, are difficult to design because switcher magnetics do not perform well over things like a 150:1 power range. Most common switching power supplies require something like a 10% load on the main output to stabilize the transformer and the regulator control loop. Is there any particular reason you want a switcher?


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I like the looks of the Velleman.

I recently bought this one and I have no complaints - can't beat the price.

Also, if memory serves me correctly @MrChips shared a review of some bench top power supplies that he was completely dissatisfied with.

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RE: reasonably priced smps power supply, preferably dual output 0-30v, 0-5amp
I have experience with 20A 3...24V smps from China. Good, cheap, stable, even RF loads and short-circuit are unable to kill em. Able to work as at 220 as 110 V network, 480W. The tradename at ebay S-480-24, price ca 20 $. You will need two of such and together bring a pair of LED V-meters and A-meters there. Thus the coupled +/- 27V (what is its maximums) on 20A will cost You under 50$, what otherhow would reward in best case the 5A at the same price. As known, until 5A all PS are cheap, at 10A costs not 2x but at least 4x, and at 20A it costs 100x - This is very cost effective solution.
As I work with 10A 100 MHz technique every day, the ``normal`` lab PS we lost every single day a pair. But those recommended now serves a year without of any fault.