Beginner's question re circuit board printing

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I'm a new learner of IC. I have very basic question below need help. I appreciate any comments!

I have bought a development board to help me start my first project. I have created the design and completed the application software for the project. In brief, I simply want to make a torch with 1 button, 6 LED lights and of course a circuit board (with a microcontroller etc). Press the button 1 time will turn on 2 LED lights, twice will turn on 4 LED lights, 3 times for 6 LED lights, the 4th time will turn all lights off. Simple isn't it!

My question is, I know how above concept can be realized with the development board (as a debug environment), but what is the best or easiest way to make the circuit board that will fit into the torch body? Do I have to print a small circuit board manually?



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You can try to make it yourself with Universal PCB. This is the most amatuer. - I would use this for prototyping
You can to the laser printer toner transfer etching thing and make your own. - I would use this for prototyping
Or you can use a service and have a professional handle the pcb cutting and drilling. - I would use this for my 1st 2-10 test boards.
Or you can use a service in China or elsewhere that handles everything and just sends you completed soldered boards. - I would use this for my final product going to market.

My last job we did everything ourselves. We had a solder printer, Mirea MPS430 pick and place machine, and a Voltec Soltair reflow oven. After all was said and done buying all the equipment and making the boards ourselves was way way more expensive then having a proper company handle all of that and eventually cause the company to go belly up. The company could have easily been saved by taking other peoples jobs and making their boards but our crazy ass owner refused to do it. We even had a nice million dollar extruder he refused to take other jobs with too. We were all freaking out at the end because while the company was going bankrupt, and we were getting calls every other day asking us to make PCB's and use our extruder, but of coarse the owner refused and the company finally went under.
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The most fundamental question that springs to mind is, how big is the torch body? That will drive your decision.

Instinctively, the answer is yes... assuming you have a suitably sized torch body. Alternatively, you could use some Veroboard for prototyping, avoiding the extensive trial and error you might encounter with manufacturing your PCB!

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Thanks all, the information are all helpful!

I think I should start with stripboard for making a prototype before I will spend longer time to make the real torch with the "laser printer" method. The torch size is actually not fixed since I have not made it yet. I guess I will make the torch body a little larger than I thought so it will be big enough to contain the small "hand-made" board.

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For cutting the strips i use a sharp(new) metal drill bit in proper size. I have put my on a handle. Just use hand power to cut the tracks