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    Jun 14, 2011

    I am at a dead end and could really do with some help.

    I need to power Luxeon LEDs (forward current 700 mA, forward voltage 6.84 V) for an experiment but have absolutely no idea how to power them. I have acces to universal power sources, can I use one of these and attach it with crocodile clips?

    The LED can be found at

    I have found LED power supplies such as but have no idea whatsoever if this would do the job.

    Am I always going to require a resistor with an LED, I was trying to avoid this because I cannot find anyone to help me in person and am completely clueless. I have other LED options 3.0 mW, T-1 3/4 or 7 mW, TO-1 3/4, would these still require resistors?

    I apologise for my lack of knowledge but have contacted all of the suppliers of the LED and power supply that I could find but have had no help
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    May 25, 2011
    Neither of your links appear to be working.
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    Nov 30, 2010
    The small LEDs always require resistors. The large ones sometimes have their own protection built in. That is why the links are very important.
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    Unfortunately, neither of the links you posted work.

    Your 700mA LED is considered a high-power LED; using a current limiting resistor would waste a considerable amount of power.

    You should investigate using an LED driver such as a BuckPuck:
    BuckPucks are switching current regulators; vastly more efficient than using a fixed resistor or linear regulator, and the current through your LED is very closely controlled.

    There are various versions of BuckPucks; some designed to mount on a PCB, some with wire harnesses, some fixed, some variable, etc.