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    Sep 27, 2010
    I am a programmer who has gotten the urge to try to do some programming for a piece of hardware which I also build. Of course, challenges are/can be bountiful on both sides of things so before I get ahead of myself I was wondering what people more experienced in the field of electronics would suggest for a beginner.

    The first idea that came to mind was a calculator but I am not sure if that is a proper beginner project. I will take any suggestions and guidance but would prefer if the project has software and hardware. Thanks in advance.
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    Sep 27, 2010
    That does look very interesting but do you think it's a good beginner's project? I am not an idiot of course but would like clarification before I spend any money.

    Thanks for the link by the way :)
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    Quick question, ever hear about µC (microcontrollers). They are a direct link between conventional electronics and software driven electronics. One µC can replace a huge amount of circuitry.

    Is this the path you want to go down, or is it more discrete electronics?

    The AAC book has a section of experiments that are very inexpensive to try. They are meant to teach the basics, they aren't really meant to be practical, though some of them can lead to practical projects.

    I've written several articles to help beginners.

    Bill's Index

    LEDs, 555s, Flashers, and Light Chasers

    The 555 Projects
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    Sep 27, 2010
    I am a programmer by hobby and interest and an interested electrician by programmer. By that I mean, I want to do electronics but with a heavier emphasis on software (although I still am interesting in hardware). Thanks for the links as well, I will check them out while anticipating a reply.