because i cant actually message admins directly

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    in my opinon neither of my topics chould be closed due to the fact, im asking for a light br, not hide-aways or tail light mods or car underglow kits, perhaps i want a bar to direct people in my house or at a party. it this point i dont care about being banned because i am receiving help from another more understanding forum, but i was hoping to be able to have 2 pints of assistance to work of the plus and minus for both

    and please, dont think im am trying to purposely try to **** anyone off or be rebellious, i just feel im not getting the answers i need where the answers are relatively in rule
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    The reasons for the moderator's actions are well known and accepted by the participants of this board. Their decisions are final and there is no appeal process. If you want to start your own board then you can make the rules and accept the consequences of those choices.

    You have only two choices:
    1. Go along with the TOS
    2. Go elsewhere
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    When you signed on to AAC you should have been shown a copy of the ToS. If you had read the rules beforehand you would not have had this problem. Vehicle modifications--even if only lighting--are illegal in some locales, so hosting such information on the site is not only a liability issue, but also a safety issue. The moderators here are acting on what was presented in the ToS from the start, and they will not change their minds. They are, however, kind enough to provide you with a variety of links to other boards you can visit to get the responses to your questions. I don't know what else you expect them to do--they can't and won't break the rules for you, so they did the next best thing. Try to see it from their point of view.

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