BD6211f broken? proper current?

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Hi. I am trying to develop a robot like,


It is based on mbed, but my question regards not the mbed, but the motor driver, BD6211F.

It's working in this video (I am controlling it). But a problem occurs a while later.
It uses two drivers, BD6211F, whose data sheet is the following.

And the entire circuit diagram is the following.

As seen in the diagram, the necessary current is obtained from 'CN battery', which is

LI-polymer battery

Unlike in the video, if I turned the switch off and placed it for a while, the behavior of BD6211F becomes strange. It never acts as initially designed. It activates the motor even when the mbed does not send the signal.

My question is what's causing it???

My guess is that the LI-polymer battery provides too much current, causing BD6211F to break down... but I'm not sure.

If you can guess, please tell me what to check (possess both a digital tester and an oscilloscope).

Thanks in advance.