Battle of the hall effect sensors part 2!


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I tried searching for Hall-effect sensors with '502' in their part numbers a day or two ago with somewhat inconclusive results. Seems that the sensors I found indicated they were the "latching" type.

I don't know why yours would be a latching-type Hall-sensor unless there was a coil that received pulses to slowly build up a magnetic field to turn your latch off. That might be a way to establish PWM on the basis of how near or how far the Hall-effect sensor was from the coil being energized.

But I don't know enough about your throttle control. Trying to modify something like that definitely has the potential for injury, as it's a control for a motor-driven vehicle.

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One of the links was to the EXACT sensor with the #502, as in EW-502.

And this application will not be for a motor drive 'Red Asphalt' here!
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