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Dear All,

hope u all are in good condition.. i have a query and need ur help in this regard. query is... What is battery conductance and how we can test the batery through conductanse. and if battery is showing 300% of its conductance value then whether the battery is ok if not then why.

please help.


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Think you may not have gotten help because conductance ( usually 1/r ) is not normally part of the specification of a battery. Does this relate to the internal resistance?


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One way to measure battery conductance is to send a small ac signal through it, measure the AC voltage and current, then do the math. C=I/E
If you want to find out if the battery is good, test its battery characteristics like, voltage when properly charged and current it can supply.
If the conductance says it is bad and the voltage and current say it is good, use the battery anyway.