Battery Powered Subsystem Supply

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I have a microcontroller based circuit that uses a MAX1676 to produce a regulated 5V supply from 2 AA batteries (I may switch to 3 AA batteries). My problem is that I want to create a subsystem supply that I can switch on and off when I put the microcontroller to sleep. For example, I want to shut down the LCD, communications chips, etc. I was thinking of using a MAX603 (with shutoff pin) powered from the output of the MAX1676, but I think there is a better way to do this with less components. Basically, I want the microcontroller to shut off the power to the subsystems, and then go to sleep. Then it can wake up, and power on the subsystems again when it needs to. Not all of my parts have a power saving mode, and I'm relatively new to circuit design. Since my project does not have an actual on/off switch (just sleep mode) I want the batteries to last as long as possible. Any suggestions?