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    Jul 21, 2008

    I am looking at batteries for my microcontroller based PCB. Assuming consumption to be 50mA I am looking at various batteries. Can someone advice me on batteries which occupy the least amount of space and last the longest. I am looking at all kinds of batteries, could be Ni-Cd etc.. These could be in any technology - surface mount or soldered or anything which is available. I am looking at a maximum dimension of 20mm and thickness of around 2mm.

    Please provide me links to some good info on the same.

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    Jul 17, 2007
    Well, you could go with a CR2016 3v 90mAh, but you would only get about an hour and 50 minutes run time from it - if that. Since you would be drawing a lot of current, much of the power would be dissipated within the battery itself.
    A CR2025 3v 163mAh would give you longer run time, but it's 2.5mm high. Given your size constraints, you don't have very many options.

    Look at ways to minimize your uC's power consumption by turning off unneeded functions, and taking "naps" or sleeping for extended periods. It won't do anything while it's napping/sleeping, but it will be consuming far less power, thus extending your run time.

    Here's a link to Energizers' search engine:
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