Battery Management system

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    Jun 21, 2010
    I want to make a BMS for 48Vdc 30ah storage.
    SO I'm learning about BMS..
    But It's really difficult for me.
    I saw a BMS and I can't understand..
    I think he or she use a voltage detector and high current regulator..
    1. and I don't know the purpose of it.. (um.. maybe for protection ??)
    and.. I want to know how it works.
    2. I want to know how to protect batteries.
    Could you tell me popular methods and basic concepts for it?
    (Even though you tell me a little, I appriciate. I'll google it. +_+ )
    I think I need to learn about Thyristor and dangling transistor and
    For me, I feel like I should learn everything, Could you give me some
    3. I have a question about "LM431 over voltage/under voltage protection
    circuit" (The circuit is in LM431's datasheet.)
    Could you explain the circuit? Please..
    How can I use it as a battery protecting circuit..?
    4. I can't understand the charge mechanism...
    In case, All the batteries are connected in series..
    Let's say I just care about one battery.
    and the battery is overcharged, then How can I express the
    5A current? just using Ideal 5A current source?
    5. Could you recommand a book or a website which I could learn BMS a lot? :)

    I appriciate you for reading a long post.
    whatever it is, If you give me a hint or some information,
    It will be really helpful.. :)
    Thank you, Have a nice day!! :)

    I hesitated to post it..
    Cause I thought I should figure it out for myself..
    (cause it's basic things!! )
    But... time keep going and I could't find the solution...
    And I saw someone's posting...
    and I thought I'd better asking someone than staying as a fool.
    Please help me.
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    Dec 5, 2009
    I would start by going to and reading the information available at:

    That will get you an understanding of what kind of different battery chemistries there are available, how to charge them,and how to protect them while charging and discharging them.

    As for the circuit, you can buy ICs that are designed for battery charging and safety.
  3. opalstear

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    Jun 21, 2010
    Thank you, sir. ^^
    As you told me, I read All the post in Battery University.
    It's really useful^^
    Have a nice day.!!