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    Aug 24, 2007
    Hello, I am working on a project with solar panels where during the day they will charge a battery bank and then at night the battery bank will be discharged.

    The best battery's I have found so far are the SLA type battery's. However From what I have found, the best Cost to capacity for the battery bank is 50% DOD.

    So I will have a 60 watt solar panel charging all day, so theoretically, that would generate 720 W-Hour of power. So using that figure I would need at least a battery bank with that amount of power which equates to a 12 V 60 Amp-Hour battery. Using the DOD of 50% means I will need two 12V 30 Amp-Hour battery.

    The best price I have found for sla battery's though is $1 an Amp-Hour from Alibaba for quantities of 10,000 units. So a 60 Amp-Hour battery would be $60. The reason I am looking for the cheapest price is because it is part of a project that may be sold some day if it work's out to be cheap enough.

    So yeah whats the best battery for this application or whats the best price per Amp-hour you know of and what battery type is it?