Battery controllers and LED optics--where to find?

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This may be a very simple question, and I may well not understand exactly what I'm looking at when I am finding them, but there are a few components I'm looking for that I'm not finding, and would like some help tracking down some good sources to acquire them. One is a multi-cell Lithium Ion battery charger that I could input a suitable unregulated voltage into (or even if I had to regulate it externally) and charge/balance two to four cells, depending on my application. Another is I'm occasionally getting COB LED chips from some RAB lights that are being pulled down (usually from water intrusion) though some of the components scrapped from these lights seem to be good. Typically they are some sort of 10 watt chip from Lusterous, and often looking like this one here, though I'm not seeing part numbers anywhere.

I'm wanting to find optics for these to take that 120 degree beam they come with and maybe focus it down to 30 degrees or so, or can I do just as well leaving the LED itself alone and scavenging my own optics from wherever else I can find them? I also have various other forms of LED arrays that I would like to see about rebeaming and using for other projects, though I have yet to find a place to source optics from.