Battery charging algorithm using dsPIC

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    Hi there,

    I am working on a battery-charging algorithm driven by a dsPIC30F3011 16-bit controller. The algorithm is a constant current /constant voltage (CC/CV). Assuming the battery voltage is initially at 10.4 V, it has to be charged to 13.9 V since I am using a lead acid battery. The charging period is called the bulk stage where it charges to 13.9 V and remains there for 1 hour, which is the absorption stage. The battery charging is removed at the start of the absorption stage and at the end of 1 hour, the voltage on the battery dips to 13.7 V which is the float stage.

    The current behaves as follows: During initial stag, when V=10.4 V, current is zero. then it rises and attains max. value during bulk stage. at the beginning of the absorption stage, the current starts dropping and attains a constant low during float stage.

    How do I implement this as a program? Could you help me oout with an algorithm? How do I configure the timers and ADCs and how many such modules do I use?

    Any suggestions from you would be appreciated.


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