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Hello, im new here and just joined, i was hoping someone could help me with a question, i was thinking of making a small generator for lights and such using a old 1/2 hp AC motor, i looked and found web sites showing how to do it and i understand it but figured i would ask questions first before sodering the on/off switch permanently in the on position and wiring up capacitors and a plug in, this motor came off a reel mower blade grinder and was belted up to a grinding stone, it has a big bump on the housing leading me to think it houses the capacitor but i have yet to look inside>
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You should post your plans for turning this into a generator. I'm no expert but in general you can't just spin an an AC motor and expect it to generate.

Yes, that bump is the starting capacitor. Why would you solder a switch closed? Seems like a switch is handy way to isolate this thing in case of mechanical issues.