bathroom tub color ?

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    Ok from a previous post that I post about on refinishing the tub.
    I finally did it using this kit

    Came out great like glass and shine perfect just the way I wanted it.

    I bought the kit at home depot.
    However I orignal went to sherman and williams and asked and they didn't really know much about it....

    But know I am curious the homax product only came in white. Which is what I want but curious to know how you can refinsh bathroom tubs in a different color like red , orange , blue , maroon ,...etc

    Being a good wall painter I would say you would just by epoxy and have them mix it with the RGB you want to produce the color you want like you do with wall paint ...etc

    But when I mentioned that to the guy's at sherman and williams or home depot they didn't know if it would chip or if their was additional chemicallys you need to mix with it... one guy even said mix epoxy with the RGB coloring might even create asphalt .........

    So another words nobody had a clue so I am just throwing this out their to see if anybody knows. I know you can call a proffessional and they can do the tub in any color but I am just curious if their is away I can do it or create these colors (or even a simple answer of how they do it)

    I have googled but found really nothing on the subject other then refinishing your tub using a specific kit that usually comes in white or black. It would be nice to know how you create different colors or even how they original color the tub when it is first being made

    Thanks for any input
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    You can mix pigment with the epoxy to obtain other colors. However, it is NOT a perfect color match because the amounts of pigment to base is not known. But, If you have a decent drill based mixer, pick up some pigments and whip up a batch.